Clinical Research Training {CRT-A} Program

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The “CRT – A” curriculum encompasses comprehensive training needed by clinicians (Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, PhDs in the Allied Health Sciences, and other experienced public health professionals) that want to advance their careers. The training is for mid-and senior-level roles like clinical scientists, medical science liaisons, safety physicians, medical directors, study physicians, and medical monitors. These clinical research training sessions provide exceptional hands-on interactions with an absolute commitment to the success of each student, preparing them to know how to chart a path in their chosen area of specialty within the industry.
These courses provide the core concepts of what the roles of a clinician in clinical research are and how they are conducted, including the underlying ethical and regulatory frameworks that guide these roles. It highlights the fundamental principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), such as data management and the protection of human subjects. It further explores specific touchpoints in clinical research execution and supervision, including protocol design, critical regulations and oversight bodies, common types of clinical trials, regulatory compliance, and medical safety, pharmacovigilance, and Medical Affairs. .
Become the most robust version of yourself as you prepare for that dream job in Clinical Research Experience the full power of CPT Clinical Research Training courses and job support on an innovative training platform
Transferable skillsets Our program combines the full range of an advanced clinical research curriculum in Clinical Development, Medical Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs, etc., where prospective students learn about the pharmaceutical development process and gain broad-based training in the high impact areas of drug development, regulatory affairs, and clinical-trials management from experts in the field.
Flexible Training schedules Our live and online options for remote students are designed for working professionals.
Experiential learning and extensive networking opportunities Our modules are flexible and customizable to the individual career goals of our students. We aim to use the training to support and boost the students’ experience.

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Enrolled: 23 students
Duration: 12 Weeks
Lectures: 26
Video: 48
Level: Advanced
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