Clinical Research Training Program (CRT-A)

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-- March Cohort Starts: 25th March 2023 ---

Enrolled: 24 students

Duration: 12 Weeks

Lectures: 65

Visuals: 24

About the CRT-A Program

Designed for clinicians and clinician-scientists in both the United States and abroad, our Clinical Research Training (CRT) program provides advanced training in clinical development, medical safety and pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, as well as graded training in clinical science, incorporating health care research and methods.

Using a blended learning model that uses online tools, in-person seminars (whenever this becomes possible and applicable), the curriculum is focused on enhancing your ability at every stage of the clinical research process — from initiating clinical research strategy, writing protocols, and launching new trials to analyzing data and reporting and/or presenting your results.

We elevate your marketability and equip you with the intangibles needed to transition into a career-focused role in the clinical research industry. Whether your career in clinical research transitions into clinical development, medical affairs or safety and pharmacovigilance or you segue into Regulatory affairs, we will help you leverage the knowledge to your benefit.

Just like you would need hands-on practice in patient assessment, diagnostics, and treatment to be successful in clinical practice, the modules and demonstrations embedded in our CRT program offers you a simulation of the hands-on experience, in addition to the “intangibles” that form the basis for success in an industry setting.

While the clinical research training from other platforms and arrangements are typically made up of coursework, we go the extra mile by offering you living examples based on combined personal research experience from tutors who are seasoned physicians and clinical research scientists that have worked for small, mid-sized and large global biopharmaceutical companies for many years. We go the extra mile of aiding with on-job support for our students once they secure a new job.

The courses in the CRT program are tailored to support your career goals if you seek to step into any one of the following roles:
  • Medical Monitor, Clinical Research (Study) Physician roles
  • Clinical Scientist, Senior Clinical Scientist roles
  • Numerous roles in Clinical Development{Senior Manager in Clinical Development; Associate Director, Clinical Development; Director, Clinical Development, Senior Director, Clinical Development, Executive Director, Clinical Development
  • Numerous roles in Medical Affairs {Medical Affairs Manager; Medical Director; Head of Medical Affairs; Director of Medical Affairs; Associate Director of Medical Affairs; Medical Advisor; Senior Medical Advisor; Regional Scientific Manager; Medical Science Liaison (MSL); Clinical Trial Liaison (CTL); Medical Lead; Medical Information Officer; Health Economics and Outcomes Researcher (HEOR); Medical Affairs Trainer; Medical Affairs Operations Director
  • Numerous roles in Medical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
The minimum eligibility criteria for training would include the following:
You should currently be in the clinical research industry in any capacity (e.g. CRA, CTA, Project Manager etc)
1.Any degree in: Medicine or Dentistry; such as MBBS, MBChB, BDS, MD, DDS etc., Pharmacy/Pharmacuetical Sciences
2.Life Sciences such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology etc (advanced) Nursing/Allied Health

** If you lack the above-mentioned educational prerequisite, you may still be eligible to apply upon an assessment with the tutor that reviews your eligibility with you if you have some significant work experience in the pharmaceutical industry/clinical research/allied areas. Please contact email to discuss your situation industry/clinical research/allied areas. Please contact email to discuss your situation

Current Program Format

The training methodology follows uniquely matched hands-on criteria of adaptability, interactivity, and a multi-directional reflection upon the performance of the participants.

At JCRC, we have developed a remarkably conducive learning platform for knowledge sharing and training via our user friendly, technologically advanced platform. The conventional way of studying in a physical campus and classroom has been demonstrated as not being ideal for every scenario. It is not often the most efficient way of studying. At JCRC, we have a remarkably ideal setting for knowledge sharing and training via our user friendly online tutoring portal (OTP). Comprehensive online training courses in domains such as clinical development, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, medical affairs etc., can be accessed in OTP. Once enrolled, the participant will be introduced to the course description, learning objectives as well as the course outline based on the participant’s career preference. As a participant, you can interact online with tutors and network with fellow participants to discuss topics using your login access over the duration of your enrollment. The tutors promptly answer all questions related to your study in the OTP.

Towards the end of the course, each participant is provided placement assistance if required and as well as varying degrees of career development support based on need. Each participant registered in the CRT program is provided with a mentor who has experience in bringing new medical products to the marketplace. The mentor can be contacted at anytime via email or phone.

At JCRC, our seasoned tutors have mastered a personalized approach to learning by by developing comprehensive training programs that are industry specific and recommended by experts. Our quest for the absolute best learning experience coupled with a technology savvy mind-set has led us to the creation of the CRT course model by means of which students share information and interact in discussions with tutors and fellow participants. For all participants, their interactions are strictly career-focused and the support you get from your mentors and tutors are customized to meet that need.

All recommended reading materials and assignments are posted online in the online tutoring portal (OTP) during the duration of your enrollment.

**Your access to this portal is only limited to the duration of your enrolment.

You will be expected to invest time in preparing and participating in class activities, reading training material, taking part in online tasks conducted at JCRC, working on projects, and taking tests.

Although live classes to meet your needs are organized on weekends only, you will have access to the materials online throughout the duration of your learning. You are expected to ‘attend’ to your reading tasks and assignments by accessing the online tutoring portal multiple times a week. You are also expected to stick to any project submission deadlines, get involved actively in online discussions and take online tests as assigned.

We at JCRC recognize that theoretical understanding will not be enough, which is why for some courses, we deliver useful drills in important topics that you can utilize very often on your jobs. Training drills are a type of role play where you are presented with various “real-life” scenarios for practical application. These exercises are supervised by the tutors and are a prominent feature that lend an extra dimension to our online training courses. 

Language Availability:English


80 hours of learning over ten weekends
Suggested Audiences:
 Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, PhDs in Allied Health Sciences, experienced public health professionals, and others conducting research or planning a clinical research career

Post-Program Opportunities

In addition to the training drills, JCRC also offers unique tutoring opportunities to interested well performing students who are identified during the training course. This distinctive ‘learning by teaching’ method enables invited and interested students to tutor future participants for a specific time frame. ‘Trainee Tutors’ are recognized by JCRC for this activity.

In line with our commitment towards successful careers of our participants, upon completion of the online course, whenever available, JCRC is open to offering certain freelancing opportunities to some individuals to help them gain some related industry experience in their areas of interest to help them start their careers in those areas. This is in addition to the placement support provided to you by the JCRC team.

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